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Children's psychophysical development in summer

Summer is the ideal season for a child's mental and physical development. The training of the 5 senses and the slow time that helps growth.
The month of June ushers in summer, the season of sunshine, warm weather, for many the season of vacations and life that seems lighter for all these reasons.
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Back pain in pregnancy

In the common imagination when we think of a pregnant woman, an expectant mother, we often associate the thought with the female figure with her pelvis shifted forward, her belly prominent and her hands resting on her lower back as an aid to her back.
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Teeth in pregnancy: possible problems and tips

Pregnancy is an extraordinary time in a woman's life. Everything changes, daily rhythms, nutrition, perception of things, and even the body is affected by absolutely natural physiological changes that affect the health of the mother-to-be and that of the little one she carries. And of course, dental health is not excluded!
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Oral hygiene of the newborn from birth to the first tooth

When we talk about newborn care and hygiene we always and primarily think of bathing, caring for their delicate skin and first hair, and body parts such as ears and little nose that should always be kept free and clean.
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