Changes and Rethinking

I wish to cancel my order

Have you had second thoughts and want to cancel your order?

If the order is PENDING PAYMENT, it may be cancelled. If the order has been paid for and is IN PROCESS, we will proceed to cancel it. You will receive a refund in a couple of business days.

If the order has already been processed and has been entrusted to the courier for shipment, we ask you to reject it upon delivery. Refund will be made upon confirmation of return from our warehouse.

I have placed an order and wish to change or add a product

To ensure fast deliveries, the entire logistics process is fully automated. For this reason, it is not possible to intervene manually to change a confirmed order.

If you wish, and the order is still in a PROCESSED state, you can fill out the request form to cancel your order and you will receive a refund of the amount paid. After that you can place a new order. ‍

If, on the other hand, the goods have already been set up or entrusted to the courier, we will not have the opportunity to intervene, but you will be able to refuse the package during delivery. Once it is returned to our warehouse, a refund request will be sent to our administrative department.

I have placed an order, but would like to change the delivery information

If you would like to notify us of a change in any of the delivery information because you realized that it was incorrectly filled in after you submitted your order, you can still change it if your order is being processed and has not yet been given to the carrier.

If your order has already been processed and entrusted to the courier, you must wait until the shipment enters storage in order to communicate the changes.

To notify our logistics of the new data, the following fields must be filled in:


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