Policy on recesses and returns

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When can I exercise my right of withdrawal?

If you have second thoughts and wish to return the goods to us, you have the option to do so within 14 days of receipt, as provided in Article 52 of the Consumer Code.

How can I send a withdrawal request?

If you have decided to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your wish within 14 days of receiving the goods.

To submit a withdrawal request, you must fill out the form within: ONLINE PURCHASING SUPPORT - withdrawal request.

Upon receipt of your withdrawal request, you will receive a confirmation notice, along with a return authorization, to be printed and affixed prominently on the outside of the package.

The goods must be returned in perfect condition, complete with all accessories and original bags, must not have suffered any alterations, signs of use etc., and the original packaging and packing must have been retained.

If the returned goods do not conform to what is indicated, Nuvita has the right not to recognize and perform the refund.

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What is the method and time frame for reimbursement?

The refund file will be opened when our Customer Service Department receives your withdrawal request.

If the withdrawal is total, the refund will be made by the same method used for payment.

From the latter will be deducted the collection fee of 5 euros.

In the case of cash-on-delivery payments, you will be asked to communicate the IBAN to which the bank transfer should be made when opening the refund file.

Refund will be made within 10 days of receiving the goods at our warehouse, only after receiving feedback on the conformity of the products you returned.

Who should I contact if my product has a factory defect?

Before you consider your product defective, we recommend that you consult the FAQ section of the site, via Customer Support - Assistance
the area devoted to questions and answers about product functionality and resolutions to common problems. 

Once you have determined that your product is defective, you can submit your support request by consulting the

Customer Support - Defects and Returns

In what cases can I contact Nuvita directly to return a defective product?

You can send the service request for defective product in the following cases:
- If the purchase was made from our online store, or through Amazon or other online stores
- If the purchase was made at one of our Partner Stores.

How can I return a product purchased from a store not on the partner list?

If the purchase was made at a store not on the partner list, in order to claim warranty replacement, you will need to go to the Retailer, show proof of purchase, and if possible, describe or show the defect found.

Having ascertained the validity of the warranty, the Retailer has the right to replace the product immediately. If it is not available, the Retailer will be responsible for picking up the product from you, contacting us and activating the warranty replacement procedure, directly with Nuvita.


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